from Concerning the Henbane Bird

" Anubis & my guides*
I am that anonymous ascensional magnet
that spellbinder's draft 
who cures & attempts to cure 
by colorless vatics 
by an overwhelming vial enriched with totemics 

life on Earth 
recently obscured by hypothetical craft 
by forces compelled by rot 
by the spillage of nuclear feces 

its wattage canceled from living blood 
its amperage of lakes heinously despaired 
by ruinous national pride aligned with negation

at non-molecular visibility 
can speak of my guides now shadow 
now stunning force clothed by my miraculous obscurity 
being pure shaman in a charged molecular climate 

the human race will now absorb me 
my magical dialectics 
my geomagnetic silence 
by scribbled charcoal language

& I am inhabited by language  
by language that breaks apart 
by language that gambles 
that stuns in its elastics by geologic premonition 

by threat 
by invisible entrail as atom 

the creosote bush 
the hamlet 
the micro-analytic krill 
all damaged 
all collectively consumed future non-generation by environmental staggering anaemia

the Henbane Bird 
by helical distance as graph 
as spiraling tungsten anchor 
at one with blue celestial dharma

I have flitted from a parallel haven 
each of my advances 
scorched by a faultless spellbound ochre 
by a trance that now breathes 
that takes in terrain 
that harbors a scope 
perpendicular & aligned with empyreans

the Hillstar 
the bleak dalmatian sun 
between stupor & the proto-electrics of stupor between the stupor of upright animals & the
animals & the void

a stark ascensional complexity 
as if meteorites could cure the nausea of soil making Earth again mythic 
proportional to virginic explosion 

of course explosion as nucleic identity 
marking levels from the Cambrian *
through the Cretaceous *
through the Sum of my present singing 

during this present duration 
the fish feed on wood shavings 
on corrosive iguana granite

& humanity 
imbibing wheat from poisoned tremors 

each species suffering 
with its identity blurred 
with its evolution misfocused 
amidst disfigured bone yards 

missing Condors & Pumas 
along with broken burial Wrens 

the body of fauna being toneless plastique 

the oldest 'millipedes' from 'the Devonian'* 
a 'placoderm' which ceases to breed 
blurred 'amphibia' from the Mississippian*

all exist as dazed Locusts 
as aquatic Salamander deaths in the midst of the Permian

I'm feeling the sea that enlivens 
the sea that vivifies misfortune 

this is life 
listening to sand  
listening to its tumultuous commotion of kelp including coral reefs 
including sea grass beds 
including conflict with land

& on land 
the grass burning with sand fleas 
with sail-backed polycosaurs  
seen from a floating optical core 
watching the sea tables poisoned 

always viewing with hieratic alacrity 
with vatic incessance 
the blinded toxins in carnivorous ravines

I have returned ancient eras
& having returned on ancient eras
I know the inclement fields 
their living suspension 
where threat wanders 
where holocausts seemingly multiply 

my winged response 
like mathematical painting 
stunning with caliginous drachmas 

the Cariman* 
the Chinchcna* 
the Vanilla Orchid* 

the Papaya 
the Pasture Grass 
the Maize 
the Allamanda* 

the latter being 
a small epistle on contagion 

that includes the Reindeer Moss 
the Sankewouth flower
& the ochre water lily found in the middle of Labrador 

my Hill Star dwelling 
a cave 
an algid Martian realia 
an oblique chimera 
where I've existed through dismembered attacks 
always rising above the blood 
wafting like a spell 
as if aloft above peninsulas 

through wisdom 
through interior foundries of language
I am parallel with Araucanian shamans 
my hoar-frost lizard :a ghost 
my alabaster shark:a strange intangible mass

I emit my rays invisibly 

they take human effect into living 
such as the neophyte shamans of Tierra del fuego 

they rub 'their faces until a appears' 
producing as visibility a message from central interiors provoking fuels 
microscopic with emanation 

because I live as dual being
I burn with the power of interstellar penna 
that glow slowly with a kind of sifting 
so I am able to dwell inside generic planetary poisons

I have thrice the powers of an Angakok rooster* 
who dwells in enigma 
with moons that erupt from future existence 
that the Sun is transfixed with fuels 
from an axial depth no limit can withstand 

unlike a saviour 
who separates lack from the power of lack
I exist by the glance of dust 
by the 'fourteen notches' that hover above Satan 
above his momlithic inference 
made manifest by alternate destruction 
summoned by mystical mechanics 

thus I am marked by gold as perfect lens from the indefinite 

as psychic dawn 
as pure lion dawn 
absent of any transfixed crafting 

this is not for reasoning 
or exclusivity by locus 

but a cerulean power of export 
as scribbled glyph through regions of scarcity 

all the whispers I emit are blankly combined

I possess the frenzy of the shark 
the empowered algae of the lizard 
with sleep contained in pints 
emotive with cerulean medicinal fauna 

through sleep
I suck out the blood from triangular nightmare poisons 
from the mind & the body & their accompanying depths 
so as to re-ignite our general dwelling zone 
with new uranian ethers

I am not thirsting amidst the cold 
for dangerous methane inversion
& so
I never cling to despair 
to projected failure as riddle 

I am entirely condoned by complex right 
by power projected from total solar well-being 
my auricular wings 
with power to cleanse via water & glass

I know 
the dismembered fright 
the superstitious ornament 
the hell by uncertainty

the re-engendered bird 
devoured & reborn 
magnetically re-invented 

being partial with visibility
I fly 
much like the smoke in darkened planetary minds 
where the ether dwells like a disassembled codex 
emitting phantoms as refracted omegas 

so being enemy to ozone blackage 
to corrosives ingested from the blood of beasts 

for me 
the inflaming sigil of drought 

as to human degree
I know unburied crystal 
blizzards from 'eastern Bolivia' 
from its collection of 'knives' & ' combs' & 'hatchets' 

I am not a Manasi shaman *
nor a dead Gurani shaman *
with my debris scattered in a hut 

in the form of Hillstar
I'm attempting to reconvene edenics 
to re-invigour zones abducted by ghosts 
healing their anathema through drift 

being the Henbane Bird 
whose molecules transmix with demise 
with structural inclemency 
yet making the ice caps prodigious 
like the flow from a Yahgan in Tierra del Fuego*

I want the Sun no longer haunted by strange industrial despair..."