Anubis- Egyptian protector of the gates of the underworld

Cambrian- Geologic period that "lasted 55.6 million years to the beginning of the Ordovician period 485.4 million years ago" having evolved from the "Ediacaran period" that preceded it.

Cretaceous- Geologic period that spanned '79 million years from the end of the Jurassic Period 145 million years ago to the beginning of the beginning of the Paleogene Period 66 million years ago."

Devonian- 400 million years ago. "The oldest spiders, millipedes" appear in this period.

Mississippian- geologic age that began 358 million years ago until 328 million years. Age of clams and giant salamanders.

Cariman- Tree climbing plant in the Brazilian rain forest

Chichona- Small tree native to the Peruvian highlands; holds quinine in its bark.

Vanilla Orchid- Native to Venezuela; tree climber; "source of vanilla spice."

Allamanda- Flowering plants "distributed from Mexico to Argentina

Araucanian- Indigenous "indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina."

Angakok rooster- Magical rooster/ Inuit shaman

Manasi/Gurani- Indian tribes in Bolivia

Yaghan- Indigenous peoples of the "Southern Cone". Inhabitants of the region for 10,000 years.