from The Great Practice

Hand of the All-Goddess. The index
finger represents Fatima. As the fish
symbol of the yonic Goddess was turned
into the Christian ichthys. Guanyin
appears as a fish-goddess. Themis as
dolphin. The Delphic oracle first belonged
to Themis. As Jesus was the Little
Fish which the Virgin caught in the Fountain.
Maya to Mary, kadesha to devadasi.
Womb envy of the patriarchs. As the
Asherah priestesses anointed their skin
with cannabis. Aromatic cannabis for Ishtar.

The abortifacient use of Yellowstone
Whitlow-grass. The abortifacient use
of American beech bark. As it is said
trout lily is a contraceptive. As it is
said chewing a trout lily root and spitting
into the river will make fish bite.

Swim toward the light of your own
truth. As it is said a mystic love
vein runs from the fourth finger on the
left hand to the heart. From the
heart dwells the Atman, the Self. It is
the centre of a hundred and one little
channels. From each one of them comes
a hundred channels more. Seventy-two
thousand smaller channels branch from
each one of these.

As the birch is called the tree
of happiness and bliss. Some say
Moses's wand was made of the wood
of the Tree of Life, and later became
the transverse beam of the Cross.

The great horned god, called Cernunnos
by the Romans in Gaul, Herne in England.
In northern Europe he was Neck, or Nick,
meaning Spirit. He was so loved that
the Christian church was forced to accept
him, and he was canonized as Saint Nicholas.
The altar to Cernunnos found under Notre Dame.

Jehoshaphat to Buddha. The blazing
cup of the Zoroastrians. The Scythians
told of a fiery cup that fell from
the sky. Whom does this cup serve?
As it is said Ezra performed the Persian
haoma rite and in forty days dictated
two hundred and four books. Cannabis in
the sacred rites performed by Assyrian priests.
The relationship between the anointing
oil of ancient Hebrew kings and the flying
ointment of medieval European witches.
So that god of man and man should be
in good rapport - with hellebore, cannabis
and lupine you will rub him.

The jugglers wash their arms in
the juice of Echinacea. As the jester
to the Chishti Order. Richard
Burton, Qadiri dervish. Edward III
and the Order of the Garter - a thinly
disguised coven.


The modern means of measuring things.
200 billion stars in the Milky Way
galaxy. Each star is a sun. The energy
of protons in the sun turning to helium.
Solar system, galaxy, universe. The
universe as a yolk in an egg. The
universe as a brain cell in the Great Mind.
Each atom is a universe. From that
notion, what can be extrapolated about
"the universe?" Quarks come in threes.
What's inside a quark?

Mind and body is a false dichotomy.
Consciousness is a cosmic phenomenon,
not a product of the neurons in the
brain. What we take to be reality
may, in fact, be a mere appearance, or
projection, onto the "screen" of our
four-dimensional space-time world from
a much more complex, multidimensional,
more fundamental reality.

Directed panspermia - the deliberate
seeding of the Earth. In cultures
where the mushroom is sacred, it
has no name, but is denoted only
by metaphoric identities.

A multiplicity of identities is
a basic feature of the Mesoamerican
supernatural realm.
The visionary
technologies and architectures of Chavin
de Huantar and Eleusis. Chavin is older
than Eleusis. The pyramids of Peru are
older than those of Egypt. The
connections between San Pedro cactus
and the temple complex of Chavin de Huantar.

Some say the head is the container
of the soul. Some say the liver is
the center of personal existence. As
the mandrake is the egg of the spirit.
As Isis is a snake coiled at the
bottom of a basket. The snakes forming
the caduceus represent the Amanita and
Psilocybe mushrooms. Beyond me
is much I haven't even imagined. It
has always been beyond me. Here's
the joyful pursuit, beyond here and now,
to infinity, to the nullity of the
Creative Void.