The Pigs in the Bahamas are Dispersed

the likes are too
the dates and times
are dispersed
and puppies on grasses are too there you are, you move linearly your faces dispersed
your student loans are too
in crystal clouds
trillions of them bundled
as orphans on the doorsteps
of vacant foreclosed houses
are dispersed
the wedding vows are too
what promises did you make
to stick it through
until death
is the ultimate dispersal
the dreams asleep and awake are all dispersed
like air like smoke like weed don't go dispersing yourself
on the street
onto people
or else disperse like the wind between two bodies
That made you
that brought you here
So full of blood and time
itself dispersed
on this strange round Earth
full of everyone dispersed
in finite places and times searching for whatever online family
loved ones
places to live
to go
to learn
what to buy

to destroy
to abolish
everything causing death
and suffering
for a comfortable life
for a lie
or an easy chair
Except for pigs
swimming aimlessly
for hopelessness and pleasure
I went to the store
to get bacon
to snack on
throughout the day
while watching every video
of pigs swimming under the sun in the Bahamas
because it's winter on the screen summer outside
spring in my emails
fall in my outdated wardrobe
and suddenly I need bacon
because that's what freedom is
Going to get bacon
forgetting what
bacon is made of
like marshmallows
that obviously
come from marshmallows
It's the same as our lives
made of everything
that eventually
gets dispersed
at the end
of every law and breath
is a pig
swimming freely