In December I'll go to Paris
and forget the DSM-5 to be with a fantasy pastry
Diagnoses won't exist because I won't be American while on vacation
My husband will feel more like a husband for being on vacation with me
and he will feel more Midwestern only because his favorite movies are about
families on vacation in a wood paneled wagon
I will feel more like a married woman from many cities and many boyfriends and some
girlfriends who I later realized wanted to sleep with me
and less of a clinical social worker
and we will be the suburban middle class wherever we go
and we will walk around like there's always a front lawn under our feet
and we will feel upper middle class for the pastries we will eat
and we will feel smarter wandering the streets Deleuze & Guattari once did
and we will feel too smart to stay in five star hotels
Although this time we'll forgo an Airbnb because we're in our mid-30s
and have extra money from our student loan refunds
which is just fine
On this trip
and I hope there's thunder and rain so we won't leave the the bed
in case there's a shooting during midnight Mass in Saint-Sulpice
I don't want to die that way
with the body and blood of Christ mixed in with ours
who's grandiose mercy isn't enough to keep the world from flooding